Think You're An Adult?

Think Again.

Does Every Relationship Seem To End The Same Way?

No matter what you do, you keep repeating the same chaotic cycles with no end in sight? The reason is simple. What you experience during childhood creates your brain's operating beliefs and emotional response system - and the bad news - it's only going to get worse if you don't stop reinforcing it.

Your Life. On Repeat.

You wouldn't let an 8 year old drive your car.

Why would you let one drive YOUR LIFE?

What if I told you that the 8-year old version of yourself makes most of your daily decisions? Yes - the 8-year old you is currently in charge of labeling your environment, jumping to conclusions and making faulty assumptions that likely lead to relationship stress, toxicity or even trauma. 

Sadly, the operating script for your ENTIRE life (and all relationships in it) is created by your childhood emotional homeostasis.

Each lecture is 60-90 minutes and includes a workbook PDF. Do your best to watch the lecture without distractions, in one sitting for optimal assimilation of the content presented.

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from The Break Method

Before enrolling in Break Method, I believed I was a hopeless case. I'd spent years bouncing from one self-help method to another searching for answers. When I found Break, I realised that this was the first time I was actually being asked the right questions. 

The coursework is profound, which is why it can't be easy. It teaches that living one's truth is NOT about saying, 'Hell yes, this is just the way I am' and perpetuating that mindset as well as unconsciously using everyone around us to feed, and pander to, that mindset. Break really does break you wide open - but you have to be willing to dismantle all those walls and shed those layers that have kept you feeling so comfortably unhappy for so long.


2017 Student, London, UK

I joined break to deal with my anxiety and constant debt then I found out there was so much more to uncover and resolve. Nothing before had even remotely worked.

Since graduating Break, I continue to experience being empowered to continue to change my life and beyond. Once you know - YOU KNOW - and you can't go back to a life of chaos. 

My life is now 100% different and continues to change daily. EVERYONE needs Break Method whether they realize it or not.

My husband recently told me that he sees an 80% difference in the way I handle stressful situations that previously sent me into a meltdown. 

Not only do I see a difference in stressful situations, but in everyday situations that usually ended in an argument with my husband. I am able to take a step back and see what I may be contributing to the situation and adjust. I do not have children yet, but learned so much from the parenting lectures. It gave me insight into how I was parented, as well as how I can change the cycle and parent in a way that more aligns with my beliefs. I cannot recommend this program enough.


2018 Student, Wyoming, USA

- Lori V.

2018 Student, USA

Bizzie Gold



Dubbed "the millennial voice of personal development," Bizzie Gold infuses her teaching and speaking engagements with the core belief that we should build the world we want to live in - not just complain about it. Gold's teaching style transcends age, gender and socio-economic background finding its way into the brain chemistry of each and every every human being looking to BREAK THEIR WORLD WIDE OPEN. Gold’s thought-provoking insights on the causal relationship between childhood emotional patterning, group-think behaviors and perception of reality, create a carefully curated space to push the students through cognitive dissonance. Gold’s work is practical, actionable and inspires students to do the work necessary to create a future without echoes of the past.

Whether Gold is helping students breakthrough limiting beliefs that affect their social or career outcomes or inspiring the next generation to think for themselves, she does it with harsh accountability, thought-provoking lecture content and a ton of humor.

Whether a client is 50 or 18, BREAK Method transcends age, gender and socio-economic background to help students rewire their emotional addiction patterns to live life by DESIGN - not default.

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